October 15, 2014

In October, the Independent Guard completed its 2014 Campaign at Hartford City, IN. This was the 25th anniversary of the event led by Orville Uggen who, as always, did an excellent job of organizing the event. Being a re-enactor himself, he always goes the extra mile to make sure the re-enactors are well taken care of.

I want to thank all the IG members who came in early to support the school days on Friday as this is one of Orville’s primary fund raisers for the event. The weather was cold, windy and damp. But you braved the elements and performed an excellent presentation for the school children.

Even though this year the IG’s attendance was about half of what it usually is, the battles were still intense. The hand to hand combat was very good. I heard spectators comment that it looked quite real.

Special mention goes to the 5th KY and 1st TN who were very aggressive on our wings. Both units had the Union forces off balance and left them wondering where they were going to get hit next. Good job all.

The IG elections for Col., Lt. Col., and Major were held Saturday Morning. The results were as follows:

  • Colonel – Danny Linkous
  • Lt. Colonel – Duane Clark
  • Major – Russ Judge

Adjutant John Porter still has another year to go on his current term.

As you are all aware, after a long and illustrious career, Len Kizer retired as our Sgt. Major at Hartford City. But this leaves his position empty for a season. So, Dave Julian agreed to step in during the 2015 season to fill out the final year of Len’s elected term as Sgt. Major.

Per our bylaws, the election next year will be for Adjutant and Sgt. Major.

After the elections, as the newly elected Colonel I held a brief meeting with the staff and Co. Commanders.

I sought their input on what needs to be done to bring the IG back up to the strength it once enjoyed. Communication was one of the important topics. With that being said, with the help of Russ Judge and Todd Huston, we are going back to the old IG website on the Internet. That is where our history is and where the bylaws governing our battalion resides. We are also going to create a Facebook site for quick and easy communication.

To make these sites successful, we need to know what the member companies are doing. So, if any of you have an event or have done an event, let either Todd or Russ know so they can get it into the newsletter and on Facebook. Also, we’d like to have photos of your events to post on these sites.

At this time, I want to recognize four individuals who have put in so many years with the IG.

The first being Dave Julian. Dave has been with the IG from its beginning in 1997. He has worked his way up from Major and has spent the last 7 years as its Commanding officer. His dedication has been incredible and we thank him for his long service to the battalion.

The second individual is Sgt. Major Len Kizer. After 20 years in the hobby, Len has decided to take a break. Personally, Len, I’m going to miss that hat with the feather in it bobbing about at the end of the line. Plus, the salutes when you know my hands were full. You’ve been a true friend and I’ll miss you.

The third is Col. Todd Huston. Todd was one of the founders of the IG. Without him, there might not have been an Independent Guard. Todd made the trip to Hartford City as did the fourth individual, the 1st Tennessee’s Gary Evans, to say farewell to Len and Dave and wish them the best.

Finally, to all of you: thank you once more for the work and devotion you’ve all put into the Independent Guard. I appreciate your support and will endeavor to do my very best as your leader.

Your Obedient Servant,
Col. Danny Linkous
P. S. Gentlemen, remember, this Battalion is your Battalion. Let the staff know your concerns and needs. We’re here to serve you.