January 25, 2015

Our annual meeting proved a success this year. The entire battalion staff was in attendance (Col Danny Linkous, Lt Col. Duane Clarke, Major Russ Judge, Sgt Major Dave Julian, and the adjutant, Lt John Porter) seven member companies (44th TN, 5th KY, 5th VA, 1st TN, 50th VA, 19th VA, and 27th VA) were joined by guests, the 4th VA and 10th TN.

Discussion opened with the acknowledgement of a loss of membership in the company rosters, and Col. Linkous encourage the companies to focus more on the smaller, local events where they can recruit and boost their numbers.

The attending companies reported the following rough numbers on their rosters:

  • 44th TN: 15
  • 5th KY: 15
  • 5th VA: 8
  • 1st TN: 15
  • 50th VA: 10
  • 19th VA: 2
  • 27th VA: 9
  • 10th TN: 11

The list of events to consider for maximum effort were discussed. Considered were: Conner Prairie, May 16-17
Ohio Village, June 27-28
Hale Farm August 8-9
Jackson MI, August 22-23
Richmond KY, August 29-30
Hartford City, October 9-11

By majority vote, the following were decided for maximum effort events for the Independent Guard Battalion:

  • Conner Prairie, May 16-17
  • Ohio Village, June 27-28
  • Hartford City, October 9-11

Any other event, the battalion staff is willing to attend to provide battalion-level support, if sufficient companies attend.

Elections for Adjutant, Sergeant Major, and possibly Ordinance Sergeant will be held at the Hartford City event.

In other business, Col Linkous discussed the appointment of Willy Schnorr to Ordinance Sergeant. The position of Ordinance Sergeant is to hold the responsibility of correcting musket issues when they fail in battle. Other reenactors who may be unable to keep up in the battle formation will be able to stay with the battalion during battle by keeping with the Ordinance Sergeant. They will be able to do any work behind the battle line necessary, including resupplying ammunition and any other activity needed during battle.

Also noted is that the 10th TN applied for membership with the Independent Guard Battalion.

Finally, amending the by-laws was discussed. In short, the by-laws required companies to attend two battalion events with 25% of their roster in order to have voting rights. The amendment, approved unanimously, changed the requirements such that a company must still attend two voted events for the battalion, but must field six firing rifles. The amended by-laws are now updated on the Independent Guard website at http://www.publiusforum.com/ig/bylaws.php.

Your Humble Servant,
Russ Judge
Major, Independent Guard Battalion

January 14, 2015

From the Command Tent Gentlemen,

Due to an error, the time of the meeting was originally reported for 2pm. The correct time is 11 AM. Please make note of this. We apologize for the confusion.

Your Humble Servant,
Russ Judge
Major, Independent Guard Battalion