April 3, 2015

The 2015 Campaign is rapidly approaching. Some of you have already begun with Bentonville and Appomattox. Others have had their Spring company drills.

This past weekend, on Saturday March 28, I attended the Conner Prairie event planning meeting. Below you will find information I obtained from the meeting, plus information pertaining to Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio.

Conner Prairie, Fishers, IN May 16 & 17, 2015

  1. Battalion Maximum Effort Event
  2. Camp Location:
    Same as last year at the top of the hill around the Shelter House, except this year, we can expand to the other side of the road, toward the cabin. There is tobe absolutely no camping at the bottom of the hill by the parking lot. I will have someone at registration to help you locate your campsite. Set-up will begin at 2 PM on Friday.
  3. Registration Deadline is April 30, 2015
    There is no registration fee. However, they need for everyone to register so they can plan the free meal, etc. Registration information and forms can be found under Civil War Registration 2015 – Conner Prairie.
  4. Bounty
    Any company that has a minimum of 15 troops will receive a $30.00 Bounty which will be mailed after May 28, 2015.
  5. Civil War Journey
    Open to all re-enactors.

Ohio Village, Columbus, Ohio June 27 & 28, 2015

  1. Battalion Maximum Effort Event
  2. Battle scenario will be House Divided.
  3. Registration is $10.00 per adult. Children 10 and under are Free. Registration can be done online or mailed to:
    Anthony Gibbs 614-297-2477
    Unit Manager of Programs and Community Sales
    800 E 17th Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio 43211
    Deadline is June 6, 2015

Your Obedient Servant,
Col. Danny Linkous