May 10, 2015


Our first battalion event will be this coming weekend, May 16, & 17 at Conner Prairie. Which is located in Noblesville, Indiana.

Adj. John Porter will be at the registration tent to assist you in your arrival. The Independent Guard Command tent will be located by the shelter house. A reminder, no one is to camp south of the shelter house or below the hill.

At this time, it appears we will have a good turnout. Well over a 100 members of the guard have pre-registered for the event.

I was also contacted by the event coordinator, Nathan Allen, that there will be a filming crew there to film the battles.

We will also have a tent set up with items for sale. One of our long time pards has decided to get out of the hobby. Some of the items for sale will be: leathers, blankets, uniforms, ladies dresses and also lots of fabric.

If you have any items that you would like to add to the sale, feel free to do so.

I would like to have a brief meeting of the officers and staff Friday evening at 8:30 PM.

Yours In Service,
Col. Danny Linkous