June 15, 2015

Company Commanders,

Elections for the offices of Adjutant, Sgt Major, and Ordinance Sgt are up this year, and will be held at Hartford City, October 10-11, 2015.

The Independent Guard by-laws require nominations for these positions be given 30 days prior to this election, setting the deadline for this nomination to September 10, 2015.

Since the Adjutant’s position is up for election, Lt. John Porter requested I handle the acceptance of nominations to avoid a conflict of interest. Thus any nomination you have for any of these positions, please send to me. I will ensure both the lieutenant and colonel obtain copies of your nominations.

Russ Judge
major, Independent Guard Battalion

June 4, 2015

The Conner Prairie event proved to be very successful.

The weather Friday and Saturday left a lot to be desired, we had a severe thunderstorm come in Friday evening that dumped heavy rain and high winds. It took down a few tents, but as always, we survived.

Saturday’s battle was quite different. We were caught by surprise by the Federals. We had two skirmish companies, the 5th Va, and the 5th Ky, that held the federals the best that they could, until we could rally troops from camp. The 4th Va was the first to arrive to help hold off the Federals, followed by the 1st Tenn and Austin’s Battalion. They combined and stopped the Federals approach. The 44th Tenn was held in reserve until the right moment. When that time came, they rushed in and turned the Union right wing flank. In doing so, they were able to cut them off from the rest of the Union Army. What Union troops remained standing surrendered. Sunday’s battle proved to be even more intense. The Federals pushed us relentlessly. The Wing Commanders and I kept moving Companies in battle trying to protect our flanks.

In the end, the Yankee numbers were too great for us to overcome. We could not hold the crossroads and was forced to retreat.

We had nothing but positive comments from the spectators. They told the event coordinator that those were the best battles they had seen in years.

Both battles were filmed by the PBS TV Station. Scenes from our battles will be used in a documentary about Gen. Lew Wallace, USA. It will air on TV sometime next year. I will inform everyone when I learn the air time.

Yours In Service,
Col. Danny Linkous