September 15, 2015

From the Command Tent

I. Hartford City

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for the Hartford City, IN event. This season has gone by way too quickly.

A. The battle scenarios this year for Hartford City are as follows:
Sat. 1st battle – White Oak Road
Sat. 2nd battle – Five Forks
Sun. Final attempt of Confederate Forces to break out at Appomattox. Surrender of troops by General Lee to General Grant. We may plan a tactical for the event. I’ll have more information at the event.

B. Election:
The staff positions up for election this year are: Adjutant, Sgt. Major and Ordinance Sgt.
The following people have formally been nominated for these positions:
Adjutant – John Porter
Sgt. Major – Dave Julian
Ordinance Sgt. – Willy Schnoor
The election will be conducted Saturday morning after parade. We have two companies so far that qualify for voting rights. They are the 1st Tennessee, and the 44th Tennessee. All the other companies with the exception of two can qualify at Hartford City, if they meet the minimum requirements.

C. Friday Meeting:
There will be an 8:00 PM meeting Friday evening at the Command Tent. This will include, Battalion Staff, Company officers, and 1st Sergeants. We will be discussing the itinerary for the event.

D. Camp Set-Up:
We will once again be at our usual location, just North of Sutlers row, including the hill.
Anyone who wishes to set-up on Thursday is welcome to do so. Your help with the School Days presentation on Friday would also be greatly appreciated.
I encourage everyone to attend Hartford City, if possible. We may possibly be fighting two armies this year. Not only will our counterparts, the AOW be there, but it is possible that some of the Army of Ohio may be attending as well.
This may not be the last year for Hartford City as rumored at the beginning of the year. Orville has found a replacement for himself as event coordinator. I am sure he will need our assistance. More information to follow.

II. Recruiting:

At our January meeting this year, it was decided to do less Battalion events, and more local events. The focus of the events was to recruit more new members into the hobby. Thus far, the 44th Tennessee, the 1st Tennessee, and the 5th Virginia, have done quite well. The 5th Kentucky have also had members who have reached the age to participate. To those companies, I say Great Job! To our other member companies, I hope you have done good as well.
Dwindling numbers in our rank is not just an IG problem. But is being felt by other Battalions as well, both Union and Confederate.
I was recently approached by Dave Wiggans and Bill Kuehne. They asked me my opinion about setting up an Independent Guard Recruiting Tent. Needless to say, I thought it was a fantastic idea. They have begun putting materials together. What they need from each company is your recruiting brochures. Their intent is to begin this at Hartford City, IN this year.

III. 2016 Schedule:

In 2016, I want to increase the number of our battalion events. In the past, we have done 4 – 6 events a year. With that being said, let your company commanders know what events you, the membership, are interested in participating. That information can be shared at our Winter Meeting in January 2016. Perryville 2016 will be one event I will be pushing for. I believe it will be one of the largest, if not the largest, events of 2016. We may even have some reenactors from England coming over to participate with the Independent Guard at Perryville. They are a sister company of our own 1st Tennessee. In closing, everyone have a safe trip to Hartford City. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Your Obedient Servant, Col. Danny Linkous