May 21, 2016

From the Command Tent

Hartford City

I want to thank everyone who participated at this event. We had to brave January weather in May. At this time, I want to recognize and thank the ladies of our group. They go to these events. They help set up, cook and tear down. I want them to know, their efforts are noticed and appreciated.

We had an excellent turnout for both days. We had 86 men on Saturday and 83 men on Sunday including Battalion Staff. The battles on both days went exceptionally well. We attacked by wings with a lot of movement on the field. Our Union counterparts didn’t make it easy for us as they likewise maneuvered excellently to try and stop us. My wing commanders, Lt.Col Clark and Maj. Judge done an outstanding job advancing their men. This was one of the best Manassas battles I’ve witnessed. I also heard that the public also thought it was one of the best reenactments in years at Hartford City.

We also had another company request membership with the IG. They are the 4th Florida Co. B. Commanded by Capt. Trent Boham. They will be participating with us at Perryville. With that being said, we may have two new companies to vote on as new members at Perryville. The other being the 10th Tenn. under Capt. Andrew Mott.

A reminder we are also having elections for Col., LtCol. and Maj. Capt. Mike Dowling 5th Va. has been nominated for Maj. The following candidates have received nominatios;

Col.- No one
LtCol. – Russ Judge
Maj. – Richard Dewitt and Mike Dowling

Upcoming Events

Our next event is a National. It is First Manassas to be held at Cedar Creek, Va. It is a supported event. I would like to have enough men for at least two companies. We have at present the 5th Ky. under Capt Jeff Steiner and several individuals from other companies that are planning on attending. We will be falling in with Col. Skip Wilson of the 4th battalion of PACS. I will also be attending.

The next event after that is Sidney Ohio. This is a maximum effort event. It is in September. They will be passing out rations, so it is important you register as soon as possible. They will only be giving rations to those who have registered.

Despite the weather, I sincerely hope everyone had fun at Hartford City. Until next time. Onward and forward.

Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion

May 4, 2016

From the Command Tent

Hartford City 2016

The next battalion event is Hartford City, May 13/15. This will be our first reenactment of the season. The camp location is the same as in past years. Members are welcome to arrive and set up on Thursday. I’ve asked the event coordinater to please put firewood by the rail fence so you don’t have to go up the hill to get wood.

The scenario for this years event is First Manassas. We will be battling for control of Henry House Hill.

They will have school days on Friday only with a reduction of students. Most in the area attended the October event. They’re only expecting about 300 students. However, we’ll still need as many volunteers to assist as possible. Pete Mattucci will be in charge of the battle scenario.

I’m having a meeting Friday evening at 8:00 pm to be conducted at the Command Tent for Company Officers, 1st Sgts., and staff. We’ll discuss schedule of events for the weekend.

We’re also setting up an area close to the Command Tent to sale period items. If you have items for sale. You’re welcome to bring them. Be sure to mark the price you’re requesting on the item.

Election 2016

The positions up for election this year are, Col., LtCol., and Major.

We have two nominations thus far. They are Russ Judge for LtCol and Richard DeWitt for Lt.Col. or Major. Both are excellent choices. The election will be at Perryville at a time to be determined.

Speaking of Perryville, members that plan to attend are urged to get their registrations in asap. This is what I know so for about Perryville. There will be a mixed camp for civilians and a military camp for strictly military. But close enough together we shouldn’t have any problems forming our battalion. We will be working with the TVB under Col Bob Ward to form our Regiment. I’ve worked with Col. Ward before and welcome the union of our battalions. The Independent Guard will also have members coming from England to participate and a company or two from Pacs under Col. Skip Wilson who have requested to join us. I believe the IG numbers will be about 125 to 150 members. Col. Ward as stated he expects at least 80 troops. We will be portraying the 1st Tenn on Saturday battling for the cornfield. As I receive more information, I will pass it on to our membership.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Have a safe trip to Hartford City.

Col.Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion

May 1, 2016

Members of the Independent Guard, Once again, I am posting bad news in the reenacting community. We have lost a long time member of the reenacting community. Bobby Attkisson Jr., member of the 4th Virginia, Medich’s Battalion/JDR, has passed away. Below you will find a message from Steve Arnold with Bobby’s obituary attached.

Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion


With great sadness, and regret, I must inform you that our beloved friend Robert “Bobby” or “Pots” Attkisson, Jr passed away this past Monday. Even though he had not been the field with us in the past few years, he was still in our hearts and on our mind. Bobby was always there with a smile, a joke and a helpful attitude. Please think of him with that smile, as that is the way he would want to be remembered. Services will be held in Pensacola Florida this Thursday and Friday. Flowers were sent on behalf of the 4th Virginia Infantry Association.…/Robert-Allen-Attkisson-10352…