August 10, 2016

Perryville Reeactor Schedule

Wednesday Oct.5
Advanced parties may access camp areas with prior approval of CD Cmdr.

Thursday Oct. 6
1:00 PM Registration opens at American Legion Hall in town of Perryville. Registration will be manned 24 hrs. a day and will close at 8:00 AM Sunday.

6:00 PM Early arrivals participating in Friday tactical department camps for overnight bivouac.

Friday Oct. 7

12:01 AM Tactical commences.
Vehicle access to camps ceases.

Saturday Oct. 8

2:00 PM Battle of Cornfield.

Sunday Oct. 9

2:00 PM Fight for Bottom Farm.
3:00 PM Camps closed to public.
Vehicle access to permitted.

Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion
Commanding General Dick Waters CS

August 9, 2016

  • To The Membership,

    We have two remaining Battalion events. Below you will find information concerning these events.

    1. Sidney, Ohio Sept. 17/18 Registration fee is $10 until Aug. 15th. After that it is $15. You will be receiving a Saturday evening meal, rations for Sunday, and a powder ration.

    2. Perryville, Ky. Oct. 7,8,9 Registration fee is $20. The deadline for registration is Sept. 20th. No walk-ons will be allowed. Be sure to bring a copy of your registration confirmation. You may start arriving on Thursday. The battle scenarios are, Friday a tactical. Time to be determined. Saturday, The Cornfield and Sunday, the Bottom House. There will be two camping areas, one for campaigners and another for mixed. Which would be for troops with families and civilians. Firepits are to be above ground as this is an original battlefield. Wagons and horses are being brought from Texas to be used as water wagons. They will follow the troops into battle. They are requesting a $3 fee to help offset the cost of transporting the wagons and horses. This would be collected by the company commanders at the event.

    I will keep everyone informed as I receive information.

    Col. Danny Linkous
    Independent Guard Battalion