September 21, 2016

To the Membership,


I want to highlight some of the items that I sent out earlier in the General Orders and Circulars.

1. We now have a total of 1114 CS infantry, 89 calvary and 107 artillery personnel registered for Perryville. The Independent Guard Battalion has a total of 97 infantry registered. I am very pleased with our turnout. Thank you.
2. My first and for most concern is your safety. As always, We will be doing a weapons inspection during our morning parade. Prior to each battle, we will be checking weapons again to be sure they’re clear. Next item is very important, if there is a medical emergency on the field. We will have 2 YELLOW FLAGS in our possession. They will be used to stop the battle and get medical assistance. Our Battalion Adj. Andy Enyart and SgtMaj. Dave Julian will have them.
3. Each man should bring between 100/150 rounds for this event.
4. Firepits are to be above ground only. There is to be absolutely no digging on this battlefield. Many men are buried here in unmarked graves.
5. Sidearms are to be carried by officers only.
6. No flags are to displayed other than our IGB flag. Prior to each battle, We will be given a Regimental flag by the Parks Dept. representing our appropriate Regiment.
6. We will be setting up our mixed camp in company streets. Military camp should be also be setting up accordingly.
7. NO civilians will be allowed into military without prior approval from HQ.
8. Registration doesn’t not open until Thursday at 1:00pm. You will not be allowed to enter park until registered. Be sure to bring your registration confirmation copy. If you should happen to forget. I have your confirmation numbers.
9. Registration will be located at the American Legion Post #301. Address is, 482 West 2nd St., Perryville, Ky.
10. Perryville will be having a parade on Friday commencing at 7:45 PM. It will last for about one hour. During this time, highways US 68 and US 150 will be closed. Plan your arrival accordingly.
10. There is only one store and NO gas stations in Perryville. So be sure to gas up before arriving.
11. When you enter the park. Look for the IGB colors. We will be camping on your left.

Hope this information is a help in planning your trip. Have a safe drive down.

Yours In Service
Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion

September 19, 2016

To The Membership,

We have received a series of General Orders and Circulars in relation to Perryville. Col. Linkous instructs all to review these orders below prior to the event. Particular attention is required of General Order #4 regarding camp fires (no pits are to be dug) and General Order #5 regarding Emergency/Medical assistance.

Russ Judge, Major
Independent Guard Battalion

General Order #1

General Order #2

General Order #3

General Order #4

General Order #5

General Order #6

General Order #7

General Order #8

General Order #9

General Order #10

General Order #11

General Order #12

General Order #13

General Order #14

Circular #1

Circular #2

Circular #3

September 11, 2016

To the Membership,
Men interested in doing the Perryville tactical. You will be leaving camp Friday at dawn. As people who arrive on Friday that still want to participate. We will be combining with members of the TVB and rotate into the tactical.

Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard

September 4, 2016

To the Membership,

Perryville & Sidney

1. The deadline for Perryville registration is September 20th. No walkons will be allowed. If you’re planning on attending. You should register asap. The turnout for the IGB is very good to this point.
2. To those arriving on Thursday. Registration doesn’t open until 1:00pm. Registration will be at the American Legion Hall.
3. Men wishing to participate in the tactical. You will be leaving camp Thursday afternoon at 6:00pm. You will then bivouac at a place to be determined. This is for the Friday tactical. I’m in the process of finding out if late arrivals can join in on the tactical Friday.
4. You should bring at least 125/150 rounds. More if participating in tactical.
5. A brigade drill is planned for Saturday approximately 9:00am. This is to refresh movements for the battles. We will be doing morning parade and weapons inspection prior to drill.

1. Sidney, Ohio is just a couple weeks away. This is a new event on a beautiful site. The event coordinaters have put forth a tremendous amount of effort and money for this event. Now, it’s up to us to support this event. When we had our winter meeting. It was decided to make this a max effort IGB event. Let’s have a good turnout and show the event coordinaters we appreciate their work.
2. Registration deadline for Sidney has passed. But you can still register on site.
3. This is another event that you’ll need extra rounds. As they’re planning skirmishes thruout the day prior to the main battle.

As I receive information concerning these two events. I will pass the information to you asap.

Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion