October 10, 2016

Perryville 2016

I want to begin by thanking everyone who turned out for this event. We had an outstanding attendance. Thank you for coming, and I hope everyone had a good time.
You have no idea how honored I was to lead you into battle. The marches were long and difficult. Once we engaged the enemy, You charged up the hills, kept your alignment. Then returned deadly fire into their ranks. The firings were outstanding.
In Sunday’s battle, after crossing the creek and clawing up the bank. The company commanders done an outstanding job of regrouping their men. Even after going forward into line. We immediately had to pass and defile an obstacle. Once again, your company commanders brought you right back into line. Once we engaged the enemy, the firings were right on and intense. Remember all that drilling we’ve done in the past? You seen it payoff first hand.
Another item I want to bring to your attention. In Sunday’s battle for the first time in my career. I had to fall back for a period of time. During that time, your battalion staff and company commanders took over. It reminded me of how united we are as a group. I felt humble and proud.
We also took care of a lot of business this past weekend. For the past three months. Brian Merke, Bob Ward and myself have been discussing how our two battalions could support one another. This is not for just national events. But more importantly, local events. After working out the details. We took it to our staff’s and company commanders. Both TVB and IGB staffs and company commanders were a hundred percent on board. It was also decided to form our own brigade. We asked Col. Bob Ward if he would be the Commanding General. Col. Ward accepted. I’ve known Col. Ward for many years. You’ll find that he is a gentleman and takes care of his troops.
Discussion was then turned to, what name do we give our brigade. Southern Guard Brigade was mentioned. It had a good ring to it. So we took it to you, our members. The memberships of both battalions decided that would be an excellent name for our new brigade.
The brigade staff is currently being put together.
In other business, election was conducted for Col., Lt.Col., and Maj.The nominations were,
1. Col.- Danny Linkous , unopposed
2. Lt.Col. – Russ Judge, unopposed
3. Maj. – Richard Dewitt, unopposed

Nominations were accepted as is, and candidates were elected.
We also had two new companies voted into the Independent Guard. They were the 10th Tenn under Capt Andrew Mott and 4th Florida under Capt Trent Boham.
This concludes our 2016 season. I sincerely hope everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. A saying the TVB has that I like. Until we STOKE THE FIRE once again. Take care

Your humble servant
Col. Danny Linkous
Independent Guard Battalion

October 3, 2016

Perryville directions

Please review below. Maps of the area are provided here.

MIX Camp:
Note: The MIX Camp is divided into two sections: Infantry on the East Side and Artillery and Cavalry on the West side. The East, or Infantry, side is on private property. The unloading here is for cars only (no trailers). Both entrance and exit are directly off of Battlefield road. For the Artillery, Cavalry, and any other vehicles pulling trailers, the participants will pull into the main park entrance. The two parts of the MIX camp are separated by the park boundary fence, with an open gate in the middle. Logistics, by necessity, are located along the boundary fence, on the west side, on Park property. Detailed directions follow:

ALL MIX Campers
From Registration (American Legion Hall)
Turn Right on US 150 and drive about .2 miles and turn left on North Jackson Street/Battlefield Road/KY 1920.

Cars Only – Infantry – MIX Camp
Drive NW on Battlefield Road just under 2 miles, and turn into the MIX Camp field off to the left. This is through a gate BEFORE you reach the park entrance. Unload as directed. Exit back onto the highway (Battlefield Road) through another gate at the SE corner of the MIX Infantry Camp. Turn right on Battlefield Road (the same way you came, towards town) and drive about 1.4 miles. Turn right onto Hayes-May road. Drive about 1.9 miles and then turn right onto Whites Road (“T” intersection). Follow Whites road (passing the Union camp on your right) about .9 miles to the participant parking field which will be on your left.

Cars and Trucks pulling trailers – Artillery and Cavalry – MIX Camp
Drive NW on Battlefield Road about 2 miles, and turn left into the main park entrance park entrance, and keep left. Drive about .2 miles and turn left on the gravel road. The MIX camp is in the field immediately to your left. Unload as directed. The “Artillery Park” is at the lower end of the field. Exit back to the gravel road and turn left (not the way you came). Follow the gravel road (passing by the Confederate Camp on your left) about .6 miles and turn right onto Hayes-May road (at the Michigan Marker). Follow Hayes-May road about .6 miles and turn right onto Whites Road (“T” intersection). Follow Whites road (passing the Union camp on your right) about .9 miles to the participant parking field which will be on your left.