January 16, 2017

Members of the Battalion,

With the resignation of Col. Linkous, a man of great courage and leadership, we enter a new era for the Independent Guard Battalion.

As the battalion’s lieutenant colonel, I humbly assume the great honor of command.

I was a new and green private when Todd Huston commanded this battalion, seeing the elephant for the first time under his authority. I served as major for the past four years, serving under both Dave Julian and Danny Linkous, and was promoted to lieutenant colonel at Perryville this past October. I will remain your lieutenant colonel until word from Richmond Virginia returns–and being that the lines of communication are poor, I expect to remain at my current rank for some time.

As your commander, I am here to serve you, the soldiers of the Independent Guard. My staff and I will do the best of our ability to assist you in this, our great cause.

I have appointed Dave Julian to the new post of Chief of Staff, with the rank of Major. In this position, his expertise and experience will prove a great value as the battalion transitions to its new leadership.

I am also appointing Tim Coomer to the position of Sergeant Major to finish the currently unexpired term.

At some point in the coming weeks I will try to contact each of the company commanders individually to discuss their concerns and ideas. Please be sure I have your contact information.

To that end, with the information we have obtained from the member companies, we have concluded that these are the locations we will march to and face the Yankee invaders.

On May 12-14, we will march on Hartford City, Indiana in an offensive move to push the Yankees in their home territory.

From there, we will march to Spring Mill, Indiana on June 10-11 to overwhelm the treacherous men in blue.

Once we have achieved victory, we’ll have to quickly ride the train to Columbus, Ohio where we will face the Army of the Ohio at Ohio Village June 24-25.

Finally, we will join with our brothers in arms, the Southern Guard Brigade, in our home lands of Richmond Kentucky, to fight the northern invaders on August 26-27. It is here that we will hold a vote to fill the expiring terms of adjutant, sergeant major, and ordinance sergeant. Any nominations need to be sent to Lt Andrew Enyart with a copy to myself 60 days prior, which places the deadline on June 28.

An opportunity has presented itself to face the Yankees at Shiloh April 6-9, where the Southern Guard Brigade will command the Tennessee Valley Battalion. Unfortunately, we will be unable to reach Shiloh in time to be effective. However, if some members of the battalion are able to push ahead, I will send word to Colonel Ward that I have men that need a home with the TVB for the fight.

In summary, the maximum effort events of the battalion are:

  • Hartford City IN, May 12-14
  • Spring Mill IN June 10-11
  • Ohio Village, Columbus OH, June 24-25
  • Richmond KY, August 26-27

Due to lack of interest from the member companies, Shiloh will not be attended by the Independent Guard. However, if your company, or even just a few of your men wish to go to Shiloh, let me know and I will help them to find a home with the Tennessee Valley Battalion at that event.

The adjutant will post the general orders in the afternoon tomorrow, summarizing this information for your perusal.

I remain forever

Your Humble Servant,
Russ Judge, lt col. commanding
Independent Guard Battalion

January 12, 2017

To The Membership,

The winter meeting that was to be conducted at my residence has been cancelled.

We will be voting on events by email and text. Any other business will be discussed at Hartford City.

Danny Linkous
Colonel, commanding
Independent Guard Battalion