Spring Mill: After Action Report

We made the trip to one of the few areas that not even telegraph lines reach and faced a force that matched our numbers. The battles each day went well. Saturday’s victory was not without cost as the Yankees surprised us with a Gatling to cover their retreat, halting our advance. Sunday’s battle showed that the Yankees can be a bit aggressive when they want to be–I had fully expected us to be able to take the gully before the forces overwhelmed us, but apparently they had other ideas as the Federals pushed across. I was informed that the Yankees had never crossed that gully before.

I wish to thank both the 4th Virginia from the Jeff Davis Rifles and the 5th Kentucky from the Tennessee Valley Battalion for joining us to bolster our numbers at Spring Mill, helping to make it a very enjoyable and memorable event.

Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio is next on our campaign, in a week and a half. It looks to be another good event, and I look forward to seeing all of you there. If you haven’t already registered for the event, please do so now, as registration closes today. You can register here: https://connect.ohiohistory.org/events/a-house-divided.

In August we will be with the Southern Guard Brigade at Richmond, Kentucky. The Brigade has a number of things planned, including a guard mount, issuing of rations, and mail call. Lt Andrew Enyart is contacting your commanders with information on rations and mail call, and Sgt Major Tim Coomer will be contacting your commanders for guard mount. You will need to express your interest in participating in any of these by the early part of July in order for preparations to be made.

Russ Judge
Lt Col, commanding
Independent Guard Battalion