Staff Officer’s Duties

Staff Officers of the INDEPENDENT GUARD,

Re: New duties for all staff officers


We have spent 6 years in the field and have come a long way, one step at a time, in assuming the duties and learning the craft of staff officers in a field army during the American Civil War. Our battalion has become known as one of the most mobile and well trained battalions in all the hobby and much of this is due to the attention to detail that we have come to expect of our battalion staff officers. However, there are many more duties that we have yet to assume or even attempt to put into use and the coming change in staff for the 2003 season is an excellent time to take the next step up in assuming these duties. In pursuit of that I would like this directive to alert you all to the changes and additions to your staff duties that I would like to see added for next season.

Up to this point I, as Colonel, have taken on almost all the miscellaneous duties that I will describe here after but I have noticed that I have lost track of time here and there and have not had the time to pay attention to things like music and the camp, etc. Also, I will be taking on the role of overall commander at more events next season (Jackson and Billie Creek for instance) and will not be available to worry about some of the finer details of the battalion as I will have other duties that will necessarily take me from the battalion at times during the day. I do not want the battalion to hurt for attention to these details as it will tend to erase all the hard work we have put in thus far. We need to continue to evolve or we will stagnate and go fallow.


LT. COL. According to “the 1865 Customs of Service for Officers of the Army”, by August V. Kautz (Stackpole Books, $15.95) the Lt. Col. has “no duties specified by law”, however Capt. Kautz does caution that the Lt.Col. has similar duties to the Major and is, naturally, second in command to the Colonel. This being the case I would like to specify the duties that the Lt. Col. will have from this point forward within our organization.

A). the Lt. Col. will stand as the officer of the day at all times. It is common for all the officers of companies to be in this pool of manpower in the real army, however, we have yet to get to the point where any of our officers are prepared to assume this duty. Once we get our people used to an officer of the day we might , in the future, add the company captains to this duty. Until then the Lt. Col. will be the permanent officer of the day.

Officer of the day duties will include:
1). Making sure each company has its anachronisms hidden
2). Making sure camp is in order: The nights are quiet for sleep time, camp is not a garbage mess, fire wood is supplied and water is available.
B). The Lt. Col. will make certain that the battalion schedule is followed and that the men are ready in time for specified drill and battle times.
C). With the assistance of the other junior staff officers the Lt. Col. will set the line for battalion parade and place the companies in line and in the order specified by the Colonel commanding. Also, I would like to see this made set for each weekend. Once a company is chosen as first company I feel it should stay as such for both days unless there is a pretty good reason to change the line of march.
D). On the field the Lt. Col. will continue to set the line, assure the direction of march and correct the alignment as well as command the right wing of the battalion as we always have done in the past.
E). The Lt. Col. will relay the direction of march to the Adjutant who will be leading the battalion field music as the musicians usually cannot hear the Colonel¹s direction on the march.


The Major is also to act as the officer of the day, but will not be designated as such in this organization. However, the Major will similarly execute camp duties to assist the Lt. Col. and his duties will include: A). Assuring that camp musicians are following the battalion schedule.
B). Work with the Adjutant to assure diligent attention to the battalion paperwork.
C). Should we institute a pickett or camp guard schedule the Major will be in charge of this.
D). On the field the Major will continue to set the line, assure the direction of march and correct the alignment as well as command the left wing of the battalion as we always have done in the past.

ADJUTANT The Adjutant has many, many more duties that we have no real need for such as filling out paper work for clothing returns and even treasurer of the battalion funds, but we do need to pay a little more attention to the paper work we do use and the schedule with which we get it done. So, I would like to see the Adjutant assume that all paper work must be finished by 9 AM each morning for the Colonel¹s review and signature at every event.

Also, I would like to see the Adjutant keep a new book which will record the company strength and place in line of march for each weekend. This book should be larger than the pocket books we are all carrying. More like a ledger sized book in which we will record the company strengths, companies in attendance and place in line of march for each event. This book will become a record of activities for the past as well. The Adjutant will also be sure and fill this book out even when not in attendance at a particular event. it will be up to the adjutant to get the proper information to keep this book current. To reiterate the Adjutant¹s duties: A). The Adjutant will lead the battalion parade
B). Assist the Lt. Col. in alignment of the battalion on the field
C). In the line of march the Adjutant will direct the music in direction of march as the music cannot hear the Colonel¹s orders.
D). Prepare the morning paperwork by 9AM each morning.
E). Keep the battalion record ledger.
F). Will post the orders of the day in ink at the command post each morning

SGT. MAJOR The Sgt. Major will be the closest man to the company first Sgts. and will make sure that they are getting their company reports in before 9AM each morning and will assist the Adjutant in that duty. On the field his duties will not change from how we currently utilize the position as field marker in drill and file closer in battle.

Gentlemen, we have a great reputation and I expect to further that by these additions to your duties. I would like to say in closing that I have appreciated all the work you men have put into your jobs over the years. We expect so much more from our staff officers than other battalions in this hobby do and it shows in the ability we display on the field as well as that which we display in schedule. It is all due to you boys and the hard work you put in to this organization. I am proud to be your commander and feel I could not ask for better men for the job.

Yours in service, Warner Todd Huston,