Hartford City: After Action Report

Upon the conclusion of the event of my first time as overall Confederate commander and holding for the first time the highest office I have ever held, I wish to open my remarks by expressing how proud I am to be in service to the Independent Guard Battalion.  Men of the battalion: you proved yourselves as soldiers of excellence.

Although not without its moments of frustration, this past weekend at Hartford City is among my top best experiences, and I hope all of you also had an excellent and memorable experience.  You made that possible, and I look forward in anticipation to the encounters we face in the future.  Thank you for your efforts.

Since we are a battalion, I want to make use of battalion maneuvers as much as practicable.  I was very pleasantly gratified with how well you executed maneuvers at drill, which gave me the confidence to use these maneuvers in battle.  There were even a few times we executed maneuvers we hadn’t drilled, and yet you delivered those maneuvers with the skill of veteran soldiers.  I will continue to expand our abilities of what we will use in battle, and I hope you gain the same pride in the Independent Guard that I have.

Our next event is Spring Mill in Indiana June 10 and 11, and I wish to remind everyone that the park will hold very strongly to the restriction of not allowing any vehicles to our campground prior to 5 pm.  You may come and set up camp Thursday evening, however.  Due to the size of the area and the reduced time frame for set up, I ask that if you normally bring trailers you consider reducing your gear for this weekend to reduce congestion during setup and tear down.  The 44th TN will be in possession of a gator for some limited assistance in transporting gear from the parking lot, but please do not abuse this privilege.

Your Humble Servant,
Russ Judge
Lt Col, commanding
Independent Guard Battalion


After-Action Report by Capt J.R. Sharp