Richmond, Kentucky

Men of the battalion:

First, it is with regret that I announce Sgt Major Tim Coomer has resigned from the battalion in order to devote his efforts to the 44th Tennessee. We wish him success in his endeavors.

In his stead, I am brevetting K. C. Johnson to the rank of Sgt Major of the battalion.

Our last event of the year is coming soon, and the Southern Guard Brigade has been making plans for the event at Richmond, Kentucky. Specifically, there will be rations issued, mail call, and a guard mount. Your captains have all been contacted regarding these. We need your response as soon as possible. There is a cost to cover the rations, so unless we have your name and agreement to cover the cost, you will not receive any ration. Also, for mail call, there is a volunteer to write letters, but they need names and some personal information in order to write. For both of these items, there is a hard deadline of July 17. Failure to provide the requested information by this date means no participation.

The Southern Guard Brigade and the Tennessee Valley Battalion are going all-out to make us feel welcome. Let’s put our best efforts forward to show gratitude by participating.

Both the TVB and the IGB have been requested to provide a guard mount during a few of the daylight hours. Sgt Major Johnson will be following up on the request already submitted to your captains. If you wish to volunteer for this, please let your captain know. The more volunteers we have, the shorter the shifts will be.

Finally, elections for Adjutant, Sergeant Major, and Ordinance Sergeant are this year and will be held at Richmond. For Adjutant, Andrew Enyart has been nominated. K. C. Johnson is running for Sergeant Major, and Willy Schnor is running for Ordinance Sergeant. As all positions are running unopposed, I may simply have a brief approval vote at the Sunday officer’s call to save time, unless otherwise requested.

This year has been rough on all the companies. I have noted that every company has seen their numbers reduced, and it is proving a struggle to have enough rifles on the field to man a battalion. Such struggle is not isolated to the Independent Guard, either – – I have been informed that every battalion in the hobby is experiencing the same struggle. As we move forward, I ask all to think about what we should do, and what our options are.

Your Humble Servant,
Russ Judge
Lt Col, commanding
Independent Guard Battalion